As a leading masking tape supplier, ProTape dedicated itselves to provide high-quality OEM OPP tape and PVC electrical tape for our clients. 

ProTape company is a premier masking tape supplier specializing in OEM OPP tape and PVC electrical tape. Their wide selection of masking tape products are ideal for various purposes. The OPP tape is especially popular for packaging due to its strong adhesive qualities and resistance to temperatures. PVC electrical tape is the preferred choice for electrical insulation because of its long-lasting and flexible qualities. ProTape Company makes sure to stock only the finest quality of masking tape. All of their products are developed using the highest quality standards and materials. Clients who order from ProTape Company know they will always receive a superior product.

ProTape Company prides itself as the leading masking tape supplier. They know how important it is for customers to receive reliable and dependable quality tape. That’s why they only partner with select manufacturers and suppliers who meet the highest production standards. As a result, all of their products, be it the OEM OPP tape or PVC electrical tape is guaranteed to meet the performance expectations of their clients. From the superior adhesive qualities of their OPP tape to their flexible and long-lasting PVC electrical tape, their products have been well-received.