Fluorescent Cloth Tape

Fluorescent Cloth Tape

Fluorescent Cloth Tape
Fluorescent Cloth Tape
Fluorescent Cloth Tape
Fluorescent Cloth Tape
Packing / Bundling / Carton Sealing
Thickness: 300mic / Mesh: 70
Special Feature: UV black light reactive
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Thickness: 300mic
Mesh: 70
Adhesive: natural rubber
Color: White / Green / Yellow / Blue / Orange / Pink


Introducing our Fluorescent Cloth Tape, a versatile and vibrant solution for all your packing, bundling, and carton sealing needs. This tape is specifically designed to add a pop of color and visibility to your packages and items.

With a thickness of 300mic and a mesh count of 70, our Fluorescent Cloth Tape offers durability and strength for secure packaging. It effectively holds and seals boxes, ensuring the contents remain intact during transit or storage.

One of the standout features of our Fluorescent Cloth Tape is its UV black light reactivity. When exposed to UV light, such as a black light, this tape emits a bright and captivating glow, instantly catching attention. It's perfect for creating captivating displays, highlighting important areas, or adding an extra touch of excitement to parties and events.

Available in a range of vibrant colors including White, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Pink, you can choose the color that best suits your packaging or creative needs. The adhesive used is natural rubber, providing reliable sticking power while still being easy to remove when needed.

Upgrade your packaging and make a bold statement with our Fluorescent Cloth Tape. Its UV black light reactivity and vibrant colors will ensure your packages stand out from the crowd.

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