Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape

Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape

Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape
Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape
Model:AC + thickness
Multi-purpose packaging
Carton sealing
Thickness: 40mic ~ 90mic
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Thickness : 40~90 micron

Color : Clear / White / Brown 


Introducing our Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape, a versatile solution for all your packaging needs. Whether it's multi-purpose packaging or carton sealing, this tape is designed to meet your requirements. With a thickness ranging from 40 to 90 microns, it offers a strong and secure bond to ensure your packages stay sealed and protected during transit.

Our Acrylic Adhesive Packing Tape comes in three colors: Clear, White, and Brown. The Clear tape provides a transparent finish, allowing you to easily identify the contents of your packages. The White tape offers a clean and professional appearance, while the Brown tape adds a classic touch to your packaging.

With its reliable acrylic adhesive, this packing tape ensures a firm and long-lasting bond, providing peace of mind knowing your packages are securely sealed. It is easy to apply and works well on various surfaces, making it ideal for a wide range of packaging applications.

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