Super Clear Packing Tape

Super Clear Packing Tape

Super Clear Packing Tape
Super Clear Packing Tape
Model:SSC + thickness
Multi-purpose packaging
Carton sealing
Thickness: 45mic ~ 65mic
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Thickness: 45 ~ 65mic
Color: Transparent (Crystal Clear)
Adhesive: available for acrylic & solvent


Introducing our Super Clear Packing Tape, the ultimate solution for all your packaging and carton sealing needs. This tape is designed to provide exceptional clarity and strength, ensuring your packages are securely sealed and protected.

With a thickness ranging from 45 to 65 microns, our Super Clear Packing Tape offers optimal durability and tear resistance. It can withstand the rigors of transportation and handling, keeping your packages intact throughout their journey.

The transparent (crystal clear) color of the tape allows for easy identification of package contents and maintains a clean and professional appearance. Whether you're packaging products for retail, shipping items to customers, or storing goods, our Super Clear Packing Tape ensures visibility and enhances the overall presentation.

Our Super Clear Packing Tape is available with both acrylic and solvent adhesives. The acrylic adhesive provides excellent bonding to a variety of surfaces, while the solvent adhesive offers superior adhesion and performance in challenging environments.

Easy to use, our Super Clear Packing Tape provides a smooth and consistent application. It adheres quickly and securely to cartons, boxes, and various packaging materials, ensuring a reliable seal every time.

For multi-purpose packaging and carton sealing, trust our Super Clear Packing Tape to deliver exceptional clarity, strength, and adhesion. It is the perfect choice for ensuring the security and integrity of your packages. Choose our Super Clear Packing Tape for reliable and professional packaging solutions.

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